Winter is coming


Our lawn is green.

This is mostly thanks to my neighbor/british landlord’s son who overwaters his lawn to spray ours as well. It’s actually super impressive considering the hot summer we have had.

It’s amazing. Until you look around to the side yard. The grass on the north side of the house is dying. It’s patchy and rough and not even growing. From the neighbor’s house you can’t see it, so to them, the entirety of our lawn is doing great.

I am a terrible gardener. When we moved in, my mother in law brought me over 2 sunflower plants. I LOVE sunflowers. We have a small garden bed that I promptly planted the sunflowers in, with a picture in my head of the beautiful sunflower family that would bloom all season for me to enjoy.

Spoiler alert: they are dead. Super dead. Might as well dig them up – dead. 

Sunflower Dry (2)
(That isn’t even my sunflower. Mine is worse.)

I wanted it so badly and watered them (almost) daily, but they died. 

It could have been the soil or the amount of heat or my flakey watering schedule, but they are gone. 

My first thought this morning, as I looked at the dead grass and sunflowers in my yard is that winter is coming. (House Stark forever – please excuse my nerd moment)

Winter. It’s when trees die. It’s when nothing grows. Progress is halted. There are times it is beautiful when the snow comes (once every 2 years). But, mostly, it’s stale. Stagnant. Cold. Rainy.

When I think about winter coming and my gardening pursuits, I actually get defeated. I think, “What’s the point? It’s all going to die.”

My green grass might stay green with all the rain, but it won’t grow. My tomato plant, the peppers I planted but have yet to pop up – all the hard work (20 min) I put into my garden will literally be fruitless. 

This year. 

The funny thing about plants & trees & flowers is that they expect the winter. They are prepared for it in their creation. They know winter is coming. Trees shed their leaves and flowers fall. What was once green and vibrant dries up and withers. It seems, above the soil, like all is lost. 

Until the Spring. 

The same trees & plants that weeks ago looked dead & broken will start to flower and grow again. 

Spring brings new life even out of the appearance of complete destruction.

That’s why I love Jesus. Right there. In the darkest winters of my heart. When all life seems to have faded. When the death around me is so thick I can hardly breathe. I know my Creator Redeemer is coming like the Spring.

I no longer dread the winter in defeat, but I’m prepared for it. I’m prepared to endure the death, because of the hope of life.

I have hope for my sunflowers too. (Any of you actual gardeners, don’t you dare rain on my parade or ruin my metaphor by telling me they are too far gone – that’s just not cool) 

Come Spring, I wonder what new life I will get to experience. 

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