Sometimes, when your coffee mug has no handles

So. I know my thing usually is to have some silly concept or word picture and then connect it “surprisingly” to some super fun truth or realization about my Jesus.

In an effort to switch it up this morning, I just wanted to take a second and ask this question: who thought making a ceramic coffee mug with no handles was a good idea.

I mean, obviously I bought it, so the marketing worked.

But now, I’m looking at my coffee, desperately wanting, let’s be real, NEEDING a drink of it, but the sides are so hot my fingers might melt off.

This. Is. A. Disaster.

*5 min later*

Ok. It’s not that bad. I can hold the top part now. The bottom is still scalding hot.

*no time has passed*

Dang it, there is a “surprise” connection to real life. I really didn’t mean to this time . . .

I wonder what it is in my life that I desperately need to take hold of, but I am afraid. Or I just can’t see an actual way to hold the freaking thing.


Thinking about waiting 5 minutes or getting some insulated gloves to handle the heat.

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