Make it count

Tonight, I’m angry.

The old me used to get angry at God.

When death seems to win and people who shouldn’t suffer, suffer, Anger is next. Sadness makes sense. So, I am angry at Death – at Sin.

Tonight, I have a request for our God.

Jesus, I don’t ask that you will make it better. I ask that you will MAKE IT COUNT.

I have faith that you work ALL THINGS for good. I believe that you, in your nature are GOOD.

But when I look at the brokenness and death and betrayal I see around me in this life, I question the goodness of it all.

Don’t let that be the end of the story for me. Don’t let that be the end of the story.

I have to believe that you are more powerful than sickness. I have to believe you are more powerful than betrayal. I have to believe that you are more powerful than sin.

If I do not believe you are more powerful than even the grave . . . what is life?

Jesus. Wake the dead in me. Give my blind eyes sight to see. Heal the places in my heart that believe sin will win. Give LIFE to the places which are dead in me.

To give LIFE to the stories around me. To empower examples of resurrection where death is certain.

I am asking for a miracle – not because I don’t believe – but because I am so confident in your goodness. 

A miracle doesn’t have to look like healing . . . but I am confident it will look like life. 

God of all Creation . . . MAKE IT COUNT. Make the pain in the lives of those I know and love . . . the pain in my life count.

BRING LIFE – in the way that only you can bring it. Through Resurrection.


So be it.

Let it be done.

In the name of a RISEN SAVIOR.


2 thoughts on “Make it count

  1. But He heals the broken. So there is brokenness, then He comes. If we did not need Him, we may not know Him. We don’t like to know pain, but He is there, too, with the arms and the bread and more than we need. Earth still feels lonely when sin penetrates. Fight it. Seek Him. Even in tears. And…the Devil likes doubt. I recently learned that He says He will always make a way, provide a way out, NOT He won’t allow more pain than you can endure. Meaning, you can bear more than you ever knew, if you seek Him and trust He will provide that path to good plan. I believe these things, Jenni. I will be tested on them by sin in time.


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