The stuff clouds are made of

I want to be made of the stuff clouds are made of.

I was talking to a friend interested in photography. She asked me, “What is your favorite weather to photograph outdoors in?”

“Overcast. Hands Down,” I replied.

It may seem odd to not desire the beautiful, warm, direct sunlight as a photographer. Though it is fun to play with the sun’s rays – especially at sunset – for nice controlled portraits, clouds are best. You don’t have to battle shadows then – just embrace the bright diffused light.

I’m sitting at the waterfront in my place this morning, and it’s cloudy and wet. I usually come here to see the sunrise, but I will be shielded from the colors this morning by the thick layer of clouds.

On the water, is a single bunch of clouds staking claim to the place it is set as fog on the morning.

That fog is the brightest spot on the water this morning – for the same reason I love to photograph in overcast days – the clouds trap and reflect the light.

They are a sponge and a mirror at once.

When it should be dark, the clouds ensure the light. They hang on with every last bit of resolve until there is no more disparity between the light and the darkness.

I want to be made of the stuff clouds are made of.

I want to hold and reflect the light of my Creator Redeemer to bring light in even dismal circumstances. On the days when people cannot see the Light, I want to soak it up like a sponge and transfer it to those around me as best I can – with everything that is in me – reflecting, even if it is a diffused, imperfect version. I want to eliminate the shadows. 

And, when the sun finally comes out? My little bunch of fog on the water is already dissipating. It’s becoming what it has always been. A creation designed to do the will of its creator.

I want to be made of the stuff clouds are made of. I want to reflect light when darkness seems to win – and I want to get out of the way as fast as I can when the light shines brightly. The purpose has always been the Light of Christ pouring out on everything – unabated by clouds or shadows or obstacles.

It’s like John the Baptist said about Jesus, “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”

I want to be made of the stuff clouds are made of.



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