It’s been dark, lately.

It’s been dark, lately.

And windy. And cold.

It’s been October in the Pacific Northwest. In September, summer tries to trick us into believing there might be some warmth and dry on the horizon . . . but October? October convinces us of summer’s long sleep and winter’s stirring sounds.

Usually, we get Autumn . . . but this is 2020 . . .

There was frost on my car already the other day. And the wind! The power has already gone out 3 times in our little home by the lake.

Which brings me to my point . . . it’s been dark, lately.

Yes – outside – but inside too, hasn’t it? It feels like everywhere I look, expecting to find the light I’m used to finding there, I’m left unable to see clearly.

People are angry, afraid, uncertain, suspicious of friends, neighbors, family . . . and, I get it. There are real evils lurking and reasonable fears, and so much that is unknown in this season of sickness and shifting tides.

But, friends . . . there is still light.

I came outside this morning. It was dark, and windy . . . but I like to feel the cold air on my face. It helps me remember there is power and reality outside of myself. I need that right now. I opened up my little book of prayers, frustrated that I couldn’t read it easily . . . I needed more light.

I almost went inside, but then. As I shifted my weight to stand up and retreat, the page illuminated from the East.

Just over the hills, a bit of light – enough to light up my prayers – peaked through the darkness . . . fighting through the wind.

If I shifted my little book of prayers away from the East, I could see less . . . but as long as I allowed the light to flood my prayers, I could see. Ever more clearly.

And, as I sit here writing to remind you that there is light – even in the darkness – light that can fight through the wind . . . Dawn has come in earnest. What was shadows just moments ago is now being flooded with light.

So, my friends . . . wait for the Dawn. Orient yourself toward the Dawn. Sit in expectation that the Dawn will come . . . is coming . . . has come.

It is one of God’s most faithful promises to your heart, which does not belong in darkness.

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