Discovery Day


We ran out of coffee today.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I think we ran out of coffee yesterday . . . BUT TODAY, I went to get my morning coffee and was sadly denied.

So, I settled for tea. It’s not the same. But that’s alright.

Yesterday was Columbus Day. Or, as some prefer to call it Discovery Day. I like Discovery Day because it sounds like an adventure. I don’t want to Columbus . . . But I DO want to Discover.

Do you ever think about what it must have felt like in the 1400’s? To live your entire life believing that the boundaries of the world were small? That what was on the map was it? And then to have that challenged?

And, what made someone believe there was more? What was inside the explorer that would lead him to get in a boat and see if he fell off the edge of the world?

Whatever is in them, I want to be in me (except the war with indigenous people part . . .)

I want to believe there is something yet to be discovered. Something out there and something in me.

The interesting thing to me about the discovery of the New World is there was an entire people (many nations of people) who did not believe this world was NEW. It was what they always knew as reality. It was their home.

I think faith is like that. I think following Jesus is like that.

When I trust him, I am the native people to the family of God. I become familiar with the land – with the heart of a Creator-Redeemer God. It becomes my home.

But, there are people who have not yet discovered that this New World exists. Maybe you are that person. You have believed your world is small. You have believed your world has an edge. That you can fall off at any moment. The bravery it takes to step out in search of something “out there” is inspiring.

And, the new world has been there all along. It did not appear when you began exploring.

Isn’t that incredible! Both the New and Old World existed at the SAME TIME! Nothing had to happen for the New World to pop up out of the sea. The Old World didn’t hold back the accessibility of the New World – it didn’t keep it from being a possibility.

New Life in Christ has been there – we didn’t do anything to cause it to appear. And, we can’t do anything to make that place in God’s family for us go away. 

I’m absolutely convinced that nothing—nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable—absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us. (Romans 8:38-39, MSG)

The New Life that comes with surrender to a Good God has always been waiting for us. It has existed from the beginning. Available from the beginning. And, there are people who have called it home from the beginning.

We just have to decide where we plant our feet. Which reality do we accept? What becomes our solid ground? What is your home? 

The exciting thing about Discovery is that it never ends. I have realized that once I have my feet planted in the New World, there is endless Discovery ahead of me.

I had the privilege of Discovering alongside 350 women this weekend at a conference called Breakaway. I watched as some women discovered the New World of New Life in Christ for the first time. I was, quite literally, floored as some of us . . . myself included . . . stepped out in bravery to see where God might lead if we let him become Lord instead of us. And, I watched women rally around the prospect of exploration further into the design of their Creative God on their life – who created them uniquely and gifted them accordingly – all to make His Name Great.

When I choose to live a life of Discovery in light of a Creative God, nothing is impossible. Not for Him, and not for me in light of Him. 

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