I have a confession.

Sometimes, in the mornings before I take Ryder to school, I make a really poor parenting decision. And, one would think that once a girl has made the same poor decision over and over again, she would change her fallen ways . . .

But, Burger King french toast sticks are too delicious. Far. Too. Delicious.

And, Ryder agrees . . . therefore, every so often, we will make a detour to the BK Lounge before he gets on the bus and enjoy together our guilty pleasure.

Yesterday was one such morning.

Feeling all the mixed feelings of “Mom, you are the greatest” and “I am ruining my child’s nutritional balance” I pulled into the drive-through (you didn’t think I actually got OUT of the car, did you) and ordered the delectable treats – and a large coffee.

I have a thing for diner coffee – and BK coffee is even better. I feel like a traitor to my beloved Seattle, but I can’t help it. The BK JOE is so good!

So, I pull up to the window and I’m handed my coffee.

You know you aren’t living in the light when this happens: I immediately go to pour my BK Joe into my to-go mug from home . . . I didn’t want anyone to KNOW I was drinking fast food coffee when I got to the office . . .

Cue the drama: As I am pouring the BK Joe into my mug, I got a little overzealous and gave the BK cup a little squeeze, thinking it would speed up the transfer progress.

Speed it up, it did – ALL OVER MY HAND. 

It took a few seconds for me to realize 2 things:

  1. Scalding hot coffee is literally burning my hand – and that hurts
  2. I have no access to a sink or ice or anything that could give me relief . . .

I finally realize I can ask my drive-through friends for help, but when I tried to get their attention, they just didn’t see me! For at least a minute – a minute of burning on my hand.

I could see them – if they turned and looked, they could see me. I couldn’t even reach the window so I could knock or make noise to get their attention. I mouthed and waved and tried to yell for my drive-through friends, but to no avail.

Finally, when it was time to give me my food, the window opened and I probably sounded like a crazy person who had been holding her breath forever – I BURNED MY HAND WITH SCALDING COFFEE, DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING COLD?!?!?!?

I wish I could say my new friend who came to the window ran and came back in 2 seconds to my aid . . . but, she walked away for 2 full minutes – my hand still burning – and came back with 3 options to help: cold cloth, ice and burn cream.

I am thankful for the help. Truly – she didn’t have to do anything. I was in the drive-through and it was my fault the coffee spilled – there was no responsibility on her part to provide relief, but I’m thankful. I do wish it would have been simpler – here is ice, now. The burning might have stopped sooner. 

You know what? I think we complicate things. 

Sometimes, someone just needs help, right now. They don’t need 3 options – they don’t need instructions on how not to get here again.

Sometimes, we miss people. Sometimes, I miss people.

As I drove away with ice on my hand, I thought about how many people, right in front of me, I am missing. How many people are just out of reach of getting my attention. Real people – not hurting from a silly coffee spill – hurting because our world is desperately broken. They aren’t close enough to make a loud noise to get my attention, but if I just turned around and looked, I would see their need. They can see me – they can see me MISSING THEM . . .

I don’t have a recent example of seeing someone and meeting their tangible need.

That sucks. 

Because I’ve been busy. I’ve been working my tasks and producing what is needed to be produced – saying what needs to be said . . . all good and right things.

I believe the Creator-Redeemer God is active and wants to bring life – I say it all the time!

Oh, Jesus let me never, ever forget to keep my eyes open for people in actual, physical need of life. Don’t let me complicate it. Keep my eyes open for the person. See the void. Meet the need. 

Your wisdom will lead us, Jesus – I believe you are faithful.

Let this be my goal – I want to see someone in pain, notice them quickly, and help their burning to stop sooner. God is the healer, I will trust in Him.

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