Guys, the sprinklers 

Guys, the sprinklers just turned on at my house.

We bought this house in December and, with it, a noticeably archaic sprinkler system installed in 1982.

The box has been literally hanging by threads (wires) untouched since we moved in.

On Saturday, my father-in-law (otherwise affectionately known as Santa Clause) asked about the sprinkler system and its ability to function.

I shrugged and told him about “the box.”

Want to know something I didn’t know about “the box?”


So, we plugged it in — and then he spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out the programming, but the dang thing only speaks 1982.

Lost cause . . . Power, but no plan . . . Until . . .

Guys, the sprinklers just turned on at my house!

Is it possible that the 1982 programming is still good? That the plan laid out for this same yard in this same climate is STILL GOOD?!?!?

It just needed a power source . . .

Is it possible that you don’t actually need to rethink your whole life to get back on track in your spirit? That maybe things which have laid dormant in your heart just need some power, some source, some Jesus to kick back into action?

Is it possible that the Creator God has always had a plan? And that His plan is perfectly designed for who you are, in the place you are?

I believe it is — because, guys, the sprinklers are on . . .

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