I don’t have to, right?

My daughter is 4. And she is ginger – in spirit and in carrot-orange hair. And she is generally ridiculous.

What more could a mom ask for?

The other day, Jayne and I were shopping at your friendly neighborhood grocery for some strawberries, chocolate chips and other obvious necessities.

Here’s the deal. Grocery shopping is the worst. Grocery shopping with a 4-year-old in toe = cruel and unusual punishment. On this particular trip, Jayne asked me the question that makes mothers who “just want to get their stuff and get out of this store” everywhere cringe:

“Can I push the cart?”

Dangit, Jayne. I literally have no good reason to tell you “no” in this moment. So, push away, little ginger crazy, push away.

Have you ever noticed that it sometimes takes being in uncomfortable (silly or not) places for your mind to slow enough to listen to what God, or even anyone for that matter, is trying to say to you?

As Jayne was skipping along “pushing the cart” she realized that she is not even close to tall enough to see what’s ahead of her. I watched her puzzle for a moment and then she said this to me:

“Momma, I don’t need to see, because you can see!”

My hand never left the cart. My direction is what helped her to know to veer left, or right, or to stop . . . all of which I would have redirected her toward should she have turned incorrectly . . .


We don’t need to see what is coming next in our lives, we don’t need to see the twists or the turns or the solution – no matter HOW BADLY WE WANT TO – because the Creator-Redeemer God of the Universe can see. 

We don’t need to see, because He can see. 

There are some things I desperately want to see the solution to in my life. I find comfort in knowing that God sees my desperation as clearly as he sees the end of the story. I am known deeply by my Creator and His Hand has never left my life. 

I don’t need to see – and, I’m not totally okay with that yet, but with each turn I trust a little more. 

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